Ferry Flight Services

  • Ferry Flight Pilots
  • Observer Pilots
  • Demonstration Flight Pilots

CAE Parc Aviation is the world leader in Ferry Flight and Aircraft Delivery Services, with over 350 ferry movements annually.

Our dedicated ferry flight division provides 24/7 customer support for:

  • Aircraft Delivery Flights
  • Acceptance or Demonstration Flights
  • Post-Maintenance Test Flights
  • Observation Flights

We can provide cockpit crew only or full project management for the ferry flight to ensure that aircraft are delivered efficiently and cost effectively in a professional manner.

Aviation organisations can choose all or a tailored selection of the following services:

  • Provision of qualified and experienced flight crew
  • Flight planning and actual flight progress reporting
  • Over flight / landing permissions
  • Fuel uplift
  • Diplomatic clearances
  • Crew visas and security clearances including TSA approval
  • Cost-effective positioning of flight crew to and from assignment
  • Trip kits
  • Ground handling

CAE Parc Aviation ferry crews are sourced from a wide range of internationally based airlines and are always highly experienced on the relevant aircraft type. This expertise combined with fully managed and resourced solutions makes CAE Parc Aviation the clear choice for aircraft ferry services.