Air Atlanta Aero Engineering
Over the years, CAE Parc Aviation has helped AAAE manage the peaks in our business in a highly professional manner through the provision of quality staff who we know AAAE and our customers can rely upon.
William McGonagle
Managing Director

Air Japan
At Air Japan, dealing and communicating through CAE Parc Aviation has been an effective solution in coping with the difficulties we have faced. In partnership we are continuing to develop better solutions
Junichi Toyama
Executive Vice President

A320 Captain
I am 100% satisfied and impressed with the support and assistance given me by the CAE Parc Aviation family. Leaving the security of a union based permanent position with an airline can be a worrisome adventure. CAE Parc Aviation has proven to me over the last 8 years and two Airline positions, that they are there to support and assist you through troubled times. I have enjoyed excellent communication, constantly updated information, real person live support at crew meetings, and of course the most important thing in the minds of most pilots.... not once has there been a late payment of salary. I have seen first hand the short falls of many of the other pilot placement organizations, CAE Parc Aviation has not once let me down ... indeed they have constantly exceeded my expectations.
An A320 Captain who has been on CAE Parc Aviation assignment for the past 8 years, first with Air Jamaica and now with Star Flyer, Japan.

B737 / B767 Captain
As a Captain for CAE Parc Aviation for a number of years, I can honestly say that I have the pleasure of working with true professionals in Flight Operations as related to Ferry and Test flight operations.

On these types of operations we are frequently subjected to constantly changing schedules and become directly involved in maintenance, flight planning, and FAA legality issues. The support I receive from CAE Parc Flight Operations is always first rate while at the same time allowing me the flexibility to make decisions based on what is happening in real time. The fact that these gentlemen are always available day or night when needed allows me the flexibility to get decisions made and actions accomplished in a very efficient and cost effective manner for both CAE Parc Aviation and our clients.

It is a pleasure to work with individuals who know what they are doing and are willing to give me full support in the field during assignments. I truly feel like a member of the CAE Parc Aviation "Team" and not just a name or number on a list.

Having worked with a number of organizations in this field, I can say without reservation that my experience with CAE Parc Aviation continues to lead the way in a technically demanding and constantly changing profession
An experienced B737 / B767 Captain who has regularly flown on ferry flight assignments for CAE Parc Aviation over the past 8 years.